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snub adj : unusually short; "a snub nose"


1 an instance of driving away or warding off [syn: rebuff, repulse]
2 a refusal to recognize someone you know; "the snub was clearly intentional" [syn: cut, cold shoulder]


1 refuse to acknowledge; "She cut him dead at the meeting" [syn: ignore, disregard, cut]
2 reject outright and bluntly; "She snubbed his proposal" [syn: rebuff, repel] [also: snubbing, snubbed]

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  1. conspicuously short
    a snub-nosed revolver



  1. A deliberate affront or slight.
    I hope the people we couldn't invite don't see it as a snub.
  2. A sudden checking of a cable or rope.


deliberate affront or slight
A sudden checking of a cable or rope


  1. To slight, ignore or behave coldly toward someone.
  2. To turn down; to dismiss.
    He snubbed my offer to help.
  3. To stub out (a cigarette etc).
  4. To halt the movement of a rope etc by turning it about a cleat or bollard etc; to secure a vessel in this manner.


slight, ignore, behave coldly toward
turn down, dismiss
To stub out (a cigarette etc)
To halt the movement of a rope etc by turning it about a cleat or bollard etc; to secure a vessel in this manner

Extensive Definition

Snub has several meanings:
  • snub (geometry), including the Snub cube (or snub cuboctahedron); an Archimedean solid.
  • Unusually short, as in a snub nose, which Socrates famously had.
  • To treat someone rudely or brusquely, to refuse to acknowledge someone you know.
  • Snubber — a fluidic, mechanical or electrical device used to suppress transients

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

abbreviate, abbreviated, abridge, abridged, abstract, abstracted, arrest, ban, banish, beat back, blackball, bob, bobbed, boil down, bottle up, bridle, brush off, brush-off, capsule, capsulize, capsulized, cast out, chase, chase away, chase off, check, clip, clipped, cold shoulder, cold-shoulder, compress, compressed, condense, condensed, constrain, contain, contract, control, cool, cool off, countercheck, crop, cropped, curb, curtail, curtailed, cut, cut back, cut direct, cut down, cut off short, cut short, dam up, damp, dampen, decelerate, delay, deport, detain, digested, disfellowship, dismiss, dismissal, disregard, dock, docked, dompt, drive away, drive back, elide, elided, elliptic, enjoin, epitomize, exclude, excommunicate, exile, expatriate, expel, extradite, fend off, foreshorten, fugitate, govern, guard, high-hat, hinder, hold, hold at bay, hold back, hold fast, hold in, hold in check, hold in leash, hold off, hold up, humiliation, impede, inhibit, intercept, interfere, intermeddle, interrupt, intervene, keep, keep back, keep from, keep in, keep in check, keep off, keep under control, lay under restraint, meddle, mow, mowed, mown, nip, nipped, not receive, oppose, ostracize, outlaw, pack off, poll, pollard, polled, prohibit, proscribe, prune, pruned, pull, pull in, push back, put back, put down, reap, reaped, rebuff, recap, recapitulate, reduce, refusal, refuse, refuse to receive, rein, rein in, relegate, repel, repress, repulse, resist, restrain, retard, retrench, rusticate, scotch, send away, send down, send off, send packing, send to Coventry, set back, shave, shaved, shear, sheared, short-cut, shorten, shortened, slacken, slight, slow down, sneer, sniff, snob, snort, snubbed, spurn, spurning, straiten, stunt, sum up, summarize, suppress, swank, synopsize, take in, telescope, the cold shoulder, the go-by, thrust back, thrust out, transport, trim, trimmed, truncate, turn away from, turn back, upstage, ward off, withhold
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